Album in Stores - June 28, 2016

Following the release of his 7th full-length album - 2014's A Shattering Sky - Well Wishers frontman and brainchild Jeff Shelton embarked on a heartfelt journey to stretch the boundaries of his tried and true power pop formula for the band's next release. What has emerged two years later is still very much a "power pop" record, but one that brims with more vim, vigor and full-throttled production than any previous Well Wishers album to date .... And with SONGS to boot! In the process of piecing together Comes And Goes, Shelton never strayed far from crafting every song as a potential single - with memorable hooks and catchy choruses at every turn. There's a little bit of everything for the discerning pop palette...from the full-tilt rock bravado of "It's On" and "Somebody Lied" to the jangly, mid-tempo glory of "Comes Around", to the strummy, more laid-bock grooves of "Nobody's Dancing Alone" or "In Love With".

Well Wishers founder and frontman Jeff Shelton honed his DIY power pop skills fronting the popular Bay Area band Spinning Jennies from 1993-2004. The band’s successful career yielded five full-length albums, a ‘Best Of’ compilation in 2006, and regular live appearances and tours throughout the Western U.S.


Since forming in 2003, the Well Wishers have released seven full-length studio albums and a 5-song EP. The band has had music featured on major network TV shows including ABC’s “In The Motherhood” and "Revenge" as well as the NBC’s hit series “Parenthood”. Shelton is currently working on songs for promotional and soundtrack consideration for a major film due out in 2017.

track samples

  1.  impossible to blame
  2.  it's on
  3.  comes around
  4.  somebody lied
  5.  love lies last
  6.  tomorrow
  7.  three nights in bristol
  8.  ill equipped
  9.  in love with
  10.  get on by
  11.  nobody's dancing alone
  12.  nature's son

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“ examples of what sets [the Well Wishers] apart
from the rest of the pack, and why this is already my most
anticipated indie album of the coming year so far.”

- Hear!Hear!

“Power pop, while disposable, is hard to throw away
when it sounds this good. There's honestly not a bad song
on the album...”

- J.C. Monger, All Music Guide

"If power pop were like a sports league,
Shelton might be the frontrunner for MVP."

- Absolute Powerpop

“...follow through on the typical pop formula with the
precision of a surgeon. Not a single note or hook is
wasted here.”

- Powerpopaholic